When mint?
Our public mint date is currently set for the 4th of February 2022 6:30 pm UTC | Presale @ 5:00 pm UTC We will be launching on the Solana blockchain.
Mint price?
Each mint in the presale will cost 0.5 sol. The public sale will be 0.65 sol. 6% royalties, 50% to the dev team, 50% to the Gods' Vault.
Staking and utility?
Check out Vault info for a detailed description of the Gods' vault, Staking, our Utility token $GOG, and the Galaxy DAO. 
How many can one wallet mint?
The maximum amounts that can be minted are different for the 2 tiers of members. OG Presale: Max 2 Public Sale: Max 3 Therefore, the max any one wallet can mint will be 5 Gods.
Can I connect my wallet before launch?
Which marketplaces will you be on, and how soon?
We will be listing on Magic Eden directly after sell-out.
Rarity chart?
We will release rarity charts on our website shortly after launch.
How many pieces are there?
There will be a maximum of 3333 unique pieces
Is each item hand-drawn?
Each of our character bases and attributes are hand-illustrated and seamlessly fused together. In the minting process, each one of these bases/attributes will be randomly generated together to create unique pieces.
How to get OG/Whitelist Role?
Most of our WL roles have already been filled with blue-chip project collaborations. We will however be running some competitions to win a few that we have left.
Are we GMI?
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