The Gods’ Vault will be funded via a percentage of the minting income of the project, as well as 50% of the royalties from secondary market sales. The majority of the vault funds will be used to identify and invest in new NFT projects that show promising potential for the future. The vault managers, appointed within the DAO by DAO, will also implement extra yield generating tactics to boost the buying power and liquidity of the vault. Risk mitigation tactics will be taken to ensure a conservative yet profitable deployment of capital and certain vault parameters such as minimum liquidity thresholds and maximum capital outlay will be set to help guide vault operations.
It is important to note that the vault will be fully decentralised and managed by the DAO. The DAO is able to propose any changes to current vault parameters and procedures where deemed necessary. The Vault will have two main goals, long-term growth and providing value to our DAO members.
The main growth of the vault will come from investment into new NFT projects on an equity basis. The Galaxy DAO will decide on the equity percentage and investment amount after an in-depth analysis of each project. After launch, the equity share of the minting income will be taken out to then be used to further fund the operating activities, or a share of the supply of NFTs of the project will be made available to the GOG community (depending on which is voted as more beneficial by the DAO).
The aim is to grow this Vault for years to come, so the value created for holders is sure to be significant. Further profit sharing will be conducted in a similar fashion, in which the excess funds of the vault will be used to buy up floors or rare’s of promising community voted NFT projects. These NFTs are auctioned off within the DAO to any verified holder that is willing to contribute the most $GOG.