The dualistic nature of decisions
Considering the dynamic structure of the project and operational requirements needed to ensure the project is managed successfully, there is an important distinction to make regarding the voting that the DAO is responsible for. DAO Proposals and voting will be conducted on two fronts. To help keep track let's refer to them as Macro Votes and Monero Votes. The first of which, Macro Votes, involve broad decisions specific to project parameters and influence the direction of the project as a whole. Examples of this include changing staking rewards, DAO ambassador voting, DAO structural changes. Further examples also include using Gods’ Vault resources that may improve and benefit the overall strength and value the Gods of the Galaxy community - such as supporting software developers, minting platforms, metaverse integrations, clothing merch, comic books etc.
It is important to note that Macro Votes do not require ANY $GOG tokens and function as any DAO normally would, being, one verified holder is granted one vote.
The second of which, Monero Votes, are specifically related to decisions regarding the expenditure of Gods’ Vault funds with the goal of growing the vault in excess of the monthly threshold level. Monero Votes require the expenditure of $GOG tokens, with the reasoning that any vault growth in excess of the hurdle rate is returned back to holders. Therefore, the value should be returned proportionately to the level of dedication shown by investors. Thus, holders that have staked max combos of Gods for long periods of time deserve the most say in how that value should be returned to them, thereby, giving them the opportunity to decide how and on which they should spend their $GOG tokens.