Operations & Goals of the Gods' Vault
Votes from the Galaxy DAO: Holders vote on which projects to invest in, using their $GoG tokens. Vault funds are then used to invest in the project. Paperwork and contracts will be signed between the Galaxy DAO and the project in question.
Investment into new projects: The vault will invest in new and upcoming NFT projects. The percentage share of equity will either be paid in a % of mint revenue or a supply of the NFTs of the project will be made available for the Galaxy DAO.
Buying of NFTs: Excess funds will be used to buy NFTs of popular projects to auction back to the DAO using $GoG tokens.
Developing software, tools and value-adding assets: Funds may also be used to build launch pads, supporting software developers, metaverse integrations, clothing merch, comic books etc.


The first goal is to reach $300k. This will be done by aiming for 10% growth per month through investing of funds royalties earned on secondary markets. The vault will also gain buying power through a % of mint revenue received from the release of future collections (This influx will not contribute to the growth rate of that month).
The aim is to grow this Vault for years to come, so the value created for holders is sure to be significant. Further profit sharing will be conducted in a similar fashion, in which the excess funds of the vault will be used to buy up floors or rare’s of promising community-voted NFT projects. These NFTs are auctioned off within the DAO to any verified holder that is willing to contribute the most $GOG.
In order to safeguard against the average joe being crowded out by whales staking full collections, a large portion of the NFT bought up using the extra profit will also be airdropped through giveaways (the exact portion will be determined through community voting). Given the long-term goal of the Vault, a minimum monthly growth threshold is set. While the total value of the vault is under $300k, the vault first needs to grow at least 10% in a month, any excess growth will be used to buy and auction NFTs back to the DAO. After the total vault value exceeds $300k, then anything in excess of 5% growth a month can be used to buy an auction back NFTs to the DAO. Where the DAO deems appropriate, the vault will also be used to fund initiatives that may improve and benefit the overall strength and value of the Gods of the Galaxy community. This may include various ideas/technologies for other projects to make use of that will help further increase the value of the Gods’ Vault. Examples of these may be launch pads, supporting software developers, minting platforms, metaverse integrations, clothing merch, comic books etc.