We aim to bring together like-minded individuals to navigate with us through the realms of the gods.
We aim to build a strong community with a passion for high-quality art with great utility.
We aim to create long-term value for our holders through the God’s Vault.
In the near future, Egyptian and Nordic God NFT collections will join our realm in the galaxies.
Gods will guard the access to the portal.

Our Vision

To change the game

The Gods of the Galaxy NFT range is changing the hand-drawn NFT art game. We are striving to up the standard, complexity, and quality of art within the Solana NFT space and rebuild the narrative of NFTs as a long-term commitment. Our NFT range consists of 6 hand-illustrated/painted Greek Gods, all with their own individual attribute sets. The total collection consists of 3333 unique Gods
The main long-term value driver will be the Gods’ Vault, which will essentially function as a community wallet within the Galaxy DAO. The Gods’ Vault will be funded via a percentage of the minting income of the project, as well as 50% of the royalties from secondary market sales. This vault will be used to invest in new NFT projects on an equity basis. These investments will receive equity through a % of the mint income or of the supply of NFTs of the project.
The value and growth realized by the vault will be claimable by the DAO members using $GOG tokens that they earn through staking their NFTs, thereby, benefiting those who hold and stake their NFTs the longest by creating long-term incentives. It is important to note that our $GOG token has no monetary value. DAO members will be able to vote on proposals and participate in NFT auctions using their earned $GOG tokens. Staking the full collection of all 6 Gods will provide the highest staking rewards and includes a staking multiplier.
After the mint date, the NFTs will be available for purchase on the secondary NFT marketplace, Magic Eden.