Meet the Team!

King Zeus

Founder - Overseer of the Realm - Supreme Leader

Not much is known about the mysterious tyrant, yet he leads the team like no other can, stopping at nothing to achieve what's best for the Gods.


Artist - Academy Lecturer

Joshy lectures at a local design academy. An all-round legend of a human, and one of the most talented artists we have ever seen. Blowing us away every step of the way with what he has created. Let's give him the love he deserves.


Creative director - In house DJ

A seasoned animator and UX designer, Rich has worked for numerous digital agencies and development companies across the United States both in a production and creative oversight capacity. An enthusiast for the art of meticulous critique who has found himself in a jungle of Degens. After being appointed as creative director of the project, he has been working closely with the artist to create the GOG universe and ensure that all things visual are up to scratch. He also has a tendency to talk about music like a fanatical maniac, every now and then.


Product Manager - Project Manager - Marketing

An industrial engineer who fast found his way into the crypto and NFT space after realising deep down inside, the degen was fighting tirelessly to get out. NFT fund manager at an esteemed crypto fund, he has found a way to live the degen life as a profession.


Community Manager - Tokenomics - Discord Wizard

An Investment Management Honours degree holder pursuing the CFA designation while simultaneously trying not to get rug-pulled more than what the doctor recommends. Yallaking is an experienced NFT Fund Manager and argues that the most alpha will always be found in the connections and people you meet.


Website Developer

Long time tech enthusiast with a mind for innovation and creativity. Summonsed by the realm to produce a website and provide technical advise. Slowly being submerged more into the crypto space due to curiosity about the capabilities of blockchain technology. Surfer and beacher when there’s no work to do. All round idiot with a great sense of humour. Love u Sam.



Bare the dev. Will dm you.


Advisor - Strategic Partnerships

Pure-bred degenerate. Caller of rugs. Full-time hype overlord. Part-time fud monster and quantitative developer. Advisor to the realm.

Xenon the Antiquarian

Lore Writer

Xenon is a well-versed storyteller through years of personal research and a genuine passion for the tales of old. He has led many lives and seen much. As the son of a farmer by birth, aspiring management accountant by day, his greatest power comes at night. It is then that be becomes the fireside shaman, the Great Spinner of Yarns, the Loremaster and keeper of Myths. Sit by his fire, if you wish to learn more of the matters of the world. But bring rum. Lots of it. All the lore is his own original work, and he leaves us with this:
"Greetings ye mortals
I have heard tell this company assembled before me craves a tale of Olympus and the gods residing thereon. Were I any mere scholar, I would relate this tale to you like I would to a child seeking a bed time story.
But this is no bed time story, and ye are no children.
I will tell you of the gods, aye, but I will also tell you of the divinity before Olympus, of the great powers that ruled the cosmos before Zeus or Apollo came to be. I will also tell you of man, and their true nature most terrifying to any God.
Prepare yeselves mortals, for this tale is no maiden's fireside fable."