The $GOG Token

We will be launching a staking platform where holders are able to stake their Generation 1 GOG NFTs and get rewarded in our native token, $GOG. Staking rewards are increasingly multiplied if different specified combinations of Gen 1 NFTs are staked (with the highest multiplier achieved through staking the full collection). $GOG rewards are accrued daily with higher rewards given to higher rarity Gods. The $GOG token has zero monetary value but will have multiple different utilities, however, it will predominantly be used for DAO governance and as well as payment for NFTs auctioned from the vault. The more tokens you accumulate, the more voting power you have within the DAO. The team will have no $GOG token allocation and will only be able to participate in voting by earning our own $GOG tokens through staking. All decisions made by the DAO will be decentralised and controlled by the community. The DAO will have full control over the Gods’ Vault and can propose to make any changes to the structure of the vault where deemed necessary.
Last modified 11mo ago